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Loksatta Party, with Youth and Women, is going to be the alternative at National level

A new energy, direction and sense of purpose chalked out at the party plenary “A new and energized Loksatta Party will focus all its energies on enrolling lakhs of new members and emerge as a mass party for youth and women. “ Dr. JP said. Under the chairmanship of national president Mr. Suren...


New Direction for Loksatta Party

The Loksatta Party’s national council meeting, a three-day affair that is expected to chart a new course for the party, began in Hyderabad on Frid...


Lee Kuan Yew's Death End of an Era: Dr. JP

Dr. JP has paid tributes to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew in the following words: Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has built Singapore from a poor and deprived state to a mod...


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Loksatta Party expels Mr. DVVS Varma, Mr. Katari Srinivas and Mr. Siva Ramakrishna Karuturi

Loksatta seeks citizen inputs for idling Nirbhaya Fund; Asks women to go out and play!

Dr.JP's Letter to Media on Loksatta Party's Official Communication

Path-breaking Budget - Yet missed opportunity: Dr.JP

LokSatta Party Welcomes Railway Budget

Telugu Press Releases

రాజకీయాలలో విలువల్ని పునరుద్ధరించటమే నర్రా రాఘవరెడ్డికి నిజమైన నివాళి: జేపీ

నిజాయతీ, వినమ్రత గల నేత రాంభూపాల్ చౌదరి - జేపీ నివాళి

చట్టబద్ధపాలన లేకే ఇన్ని ఎన్ కౌంటర్లు - పోలీసు సంస్కరణలతోనే భద్రత: జేపీ

యువత, మహిళల మాస్ పార్టీగా లోక్ సత్తా - హైదరాబాద్ ప్లీనరీలో పార్టీకి కొత్త ఎనర్జీ

తెలంగాణ అమరవీరుల స్థూపం అధికార వికేంద్రీకరణకు సంకేతం: లోక్ సత్తా

News Coverage

Andhra Jyothy - లోక్ సత్తా.. ఇక పక్కా మాస్

Eenadu - జాతీయ స్థాయిలో ప్రత్యామ్నాయంగా ఎదుగుతాం

Sakshi - తెలుగు రాష్ట్రాల్లో చీకటి పాలన: జేపీ

Andhra Jyothy - సీఎంలు చుక్కలు చూపుతున్నారు: జేపీ

Eenadu - ఓట్లు.. సీట్లు సాధించే దిశగా అడుగులు

Sakshi - ప్రజలకు చుక్కలు చూపిస్తున్న 'చంద్రులు'

Eenadu - ప్రజా బలాన్ని ఓట్లుగా మలుచుకోలేకపోయాం

Dr.JP Participates in Road Show in BarathNagar, Mo... [06-04-2014]

Dr.JP Participates in Road Show in BarathNagar, Moosapet and KPHB on 6th April 2014 from 5 PM to 9.30 PM....

Dr.JP Files Nominations at RR Collectorate Office [07-04-2014]

Dr.JP Files Nominations at RR Collectorate Office on 7th April 2014 at 10.30 AM...

Dr.JP Participates in Road Show at Medchal [07-04-2014]

Dr.JP Participates in Road Show at Medchal on 7th April 2014 from 6.30 AM to 9.30 AM and 5 PM to 9.30 PM....

Other Events

Dr.JP Participates in Road Show at Quthbullapur

Not dharna, here’s 5 ways police reform can actually be done

(Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan was a member of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission that was set up in August 2005 and which submitted its report - 5th Report titled ‘Public Order’ - to GOI in June 2007) Shining Path: Over the past 4 decades, there have been a multitude of Committees, Rep...

Nandan Nilekani is a good friend... but he probably has chosen a wrong party: Jayaprakash Narayan

The Lok Satta Party, the less illustrious forerunner of the Aam Aadmi Party, will coordinate its activities with the latter for the Lok Sabha election due this year, founder Jayaprakash Narayan said in an interview. Narayan, 57, who resigned from IAS 17 years ago to start a movement for good go...

A challenge to Indian federalism

The efforts of the Union government to divide Andhra Pradesh irrespective of the State legislature’s views, pose a grave danger to federalism and unity. The decision to divide Andhra Pradesh raises important questions about federalism and the nation’s future. This is the first time in India...

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A travesty of the constitution and democracy

Compulsory voting will draw young voters and is welcome: Lok Satta Chief

Time to consider Proportional Representation system urges Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan

Fixing Governance with Reforms and Economic Freedom

Dr.JP for reforms to curb criminals’ entry into legislative bodies