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Building Regularization

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Building Regularization
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Lok Satta welcomes suspension of Building regularization orders
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What is Building Penalization Scheme (BPS)?
Government Policy: Large number of unauthorized layouts and unauthorized buildings are cropping up in all urban areas. Government with a view to regulate the unauthorized constructions came up with a Penalisation of unauthorized constructions and constructions in deviations of the sanctioned plan. This was done allegedly to help bring unauthorized constructions into planning fold and also to remove the threat or fear of demolition. According to government, it is a one-time opportunity to get unauthorized constructions regulated.

Stated' Objectives of the Scheme:

  • To penalize each and every building constructed unauthorisedly or in deviation of the sanctioned plan so as to create deterrence against any such practice.
  • To bring all the unauthorized constructions into planning fold and to regulate the development in urban areas.
  • To provide an opportunity to the owners of the buildings to regulate their unauthorized constructions and deviations made to the sanctioned plan.
  • To provide relief to several persons who have purchased buildings without any knowledge about the building regulations.