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(Hyderabad, 06/10/2007)

Lok Satta makes history by Effecting citizen arrest


For the first time in independent India's history, the Lok Satta Party has invoked Section 43 of the Criminal Procedure Code and effected the arrest of a belt shop operator at Satukupadu village in Jarugumilli mandal of Prakasam district. Illegal sale uncertified liquor is a serious crime under various laws.

The section enables citizens to arrest persons committing non-bailable and cognizable offences and hand them over to local police or the magistrate.

The Mahila Satta, after a 45-day State-wide campaign against belt shops, had warned the Government that it would resort to direct action if the Government did not shut down the shops by October 2. The Lok Satta Party, which as a matter of philosophy does not believe in 'rasta rokos' and 'bandhs' as forms of protest since they inconvenience the public, decided to invoke for the first time in the country the Criminal Procedure Code section dealing with citizen arrests.

In a statement, Mrs. D. Lakshmi, State Mahila Satta convener, said that local women led by Dr. Radha Devi, district Mahila Satta coordinator and Mr. C. Venkata Reddy, district Lok Satta Secretary, seized 67 liquor bottles from belt shop operator Nadagatla Gopi, conducted a 'panchanama' and arrested him.

When the villagers took the arrested person to Jarugumilli police station, the police said were not concerned with the case and suggested that the arrested man be taken to the Singarayakonda excise station. They took him to the excise station, lodged a first information report and handed over the 'panchanama' report and liquor bottles.

According to the Lok Satta, there are more than one lakh unauthorized liquor outlets playing havoc with people in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. In response to a representation from the Mahila Satta on October 5, Chief Minister Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy conceded the existence of belt shops and advised the leaders to mobilize local women and get the shops closed since the Government alone could not do it. He had already instructed police and excise officials to cooperate with the women in their mission, he added.