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(Hyderabad, 14/08/2007)

Lok satta volunteers to arrest belt shop owners


Lok Satta and Mahila Satta volunteers will "arrest" persons running unauthorized liquor outlets both in towns and villages if the shops are not shut down either by owners or the Government by October 2.

Disclosing this, Lok Satta's National Coordinator Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (Dr. JP) said the Lok Satta would take recourse to Section 43 of the Code of Criminal Procedure as part of its proposed direct action against belt shops. The section says that any private person may arrest any person who in his or her presence commits a non-bailable and cognizable offence and produce him/her before a police officer or magistrate.

Dr. JP said the Lok Satta decided on this line of action in tune with its philosophy that whatever it did should be lawful and constitutional and there was no place for violence in democracy.

Dr. JP pointed out that there was no difference between the two main political parties in the State on the liquor policy. Both the Telugu Desam and the Congress viewed liquor as a source of revenue and had tried to boost liquor sales through incentives to staff and encouragement of unauthorized outlets. If the parties were sincere about the harmful effects of liquor, they should at least pledge not to use liquor as an inducement during elections.

Dr. JP recalled how the longevity in Russia had come down from 77 to 54 years because of addiction to liquor, and added that the day was not far off when longevity in Andhra Pradesh too would go down sharply. People in the State spent Rs.10000 crore to Rs.12000 crore on liquor consumption annually and thousands of people had already been orphaned with the sole breadwinners dying of liquor addiction.

Since "liquor has become a life and death question for lakhs of people", there is tremendous response to the Mahila Satta campaign against belt shops. Women in many villages have already shut down shops and are ready to plunge into direct action from October 2. Mr. B. Ramana Murthy, freedom fighter, flagged off the Mahila Satta campaign in Srikakulam today under the leadership of Mrs. D. Lakshmi.

Dr. JP announced the Lok Satta is launching a helpline to assist people in their fight against belt shops. People concerned about unauthorized liquor, country liquor and gudumba outlets can call 23232711 and lodge their complaint.

Dr. JP taunted the Government why it would not launch similar helpline in every district, if it was sincere. By constituting a so-called "Madya Vimochana Porata Committee", the Government was trying to hoodwink people. It seemed to have unbounded faith in people's credulity. If the Government was serious and honest, it could shut down belt shops within 24 hours.