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Liquor Control Movement

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The Ball now is in People's Court: Dr. JP
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(Hyderabad, 07/08/2007)
DR. J.P. condemns moves to promote liquor sales


Lok Satta Party National Coordinator Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today took strong exception to the Excise Department move to transfer officials who exceeded liquor sale targets to places of their choice.

"The Government is treating the Excise Department as a cash cow totally oblivious to the havoc being wreaked by liquor", said Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.

The Lok Satta leader pointed out that already 50 lakh poor families were on the verge of physical and financial ruin because of the breadwinner's addiction to liquor. "A sensible Government should have curbed liquor consumption by closing down liquor shops along highways and unlicensed belt shops in towns and villages, launching an awareness campaign and opening de-addiction centers".

Lok Satta and Mahila Satta activists all over the State are now engaged in passing on information about belt shops to the Chief Minister with the request that he order their closure. The Chief Minister had told the Assembly there were no belt shops in the State and they would be shut down if anybody passed on information about them.

Mrs. D. Lakshmi, Mahila Satta Convener says that women of Bandivaripalem in Santhamaguluru mandal of Prakasam district agitated against belt shops in the village and got them shut down. According to Dr. N. Radhadevi, Prakasam district Lok Satta Convener, the villagers had to resort to direct action since officials did not respond to their repeated representations.

In Prakasam district, Mahila Satta volunteers have identified 15 shops in 8 villages of Markapur mandal and 11 shops in Markapur town. In Chennur town of Adilabad district, 17 shops have been identified.

(Following is the representation of villagers of Peddakallagudem in Kondepi mandal by Lok Satta Party to the Prakasam Collector seeking closure )