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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 09:37

Liquor Control Movement

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The Ball now is in People's Court: Dr. JP
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(Hyderabad, 25/02/2008)

Demonstrations and sit-ins at Excise Department
Golden age or era of stupor?
Asks Mahila Satta


It is not milk and honey that is flowing in the streets of Andhra Pradesh in the "golden age" of Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy; it is simply Indian made foreign liquor and illicitly distilled country liquor, says Mahila Satta, the women's wing of the Lok Satta Party.

The Mahila Satta organized demonstrations and sit-ins at Excise Department offices all over the State today to protest against the Government policy of treating Excise as an "akshaya patra" for its revenue receipts. They courted arrest volunterily, taken to Abids police station and subsequently released.

Talking to the media, Mrs. D. Saroja, Mahila Satta state Secretary, said that successive Governments had already ruined the lives of 70 lakh families in the State by promoting unbridled liquor consumption through unauthorized outlets and turning a blind eye to illicit distillation of country liquor and 'gudumba'.

If the Government planned to get a revenue of Rs.11,000 crore by way of excise and sales tax, people would be spending Rs.25,000 crore on purchases of liquor. "People's expenditure on liquor far exceeds the amounts the Government spends on Rs.2 a kg rice supply, INDIRAMMA houses, pensions and three per cent interest schemes - all ostensibly meant to uplift the poor".

"The Government is indulging in sheer hypocrisy when it claims to work for the welfare of the poor through umpteen schemes even as it ruins their health and finances by encouraging liquor consumption by upping sales targets year after year. Are we in a golden age or in an era of stupor", Mrs. Saroja asked.

In response to the Mahila Satta's agitation against belt shops since July 2007, the Chief Minister had promised to shut them down and asked police and excise officials to extend their cooperation to women. Although the Mahila Satta had given details of belt shops district-wise, no action had been taken. The Chief Minister, however, had the audacity to declare once again the other day in the Legislative Council that there were no belt shops in the State.

"A Government that shuts its eyes to ground realities is bound to face people's wrath", Mrs. Saroja warned.

Mrs. Saroja added that the Mahila Satta would resist belt shop auctions when they take place in the next few months. Party Women leaders S. Manorama, N. Saroja Devi, D. Lashmi participated in the protest.